Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Pompeu Batoni, Sir Sampson Gideon and an unidentified companion, 1767


Retro Blog said...

Ah offering snuff or is it snoose?
Suppose the dog wants some? I wonder what all the classical references imply,anyone care to translate? Thanks.

Heather Carroll said...

The Classical references are to show how Sir Sampson has achieved worldliness on his Grand Tour. Batoni made a killing painting English tourists at the end of the Grand Tour (which would end in Italy). In this case, he's showing off his lady-friend.

AshleyOlivia said...

Male dress is so fascinating before Beau Brummell popularized the 3 piece suit... look at all this lace! And the bright colors! Of course, all of this wonderful peacock-ery was still present in male dress even after the introduction of the 3 piece suit, just restricted to military uniforms.

Also, great info about the grand tour paintings. There is a particularly thrilling one of James Boswell in Aileen Ribeiro's Eighteenth-Century Dress.

Lauren said...

ohh love it!