Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hunk Alert: Douglas 8th Duke of Hamilton

SWM, Duke, Scotsman, looking for an attractive young lady
Likes: Travel, girls, horses, fashion

You can consider me your average entitled man of the age. I like my clothes fabulous, my horses fast, and my women faster. Obviously I am funny too. When I am finished traveling the world with my companion Dr. John Moore I would like to settle down with a woman who can keep up with me.

A sturdy and beautiful woman who shares a love of horses is who I am looking for. Warning: must be mother-approved.


Marquis Jacques said...

mmph.. If I was a female.. ;)
he sounds like a true playboy, but who can resist a guy with a nice horse :) And that tight fitting vest. Yummy

Heather Carroll said...

Ain't that always the way? Well at least there's always William Beckford!

Marquis Jacques said...

ahh, William Beckford is a cutie too. I never saw your Hunk alert for him before, so thanks for that. We seriously need to find some more 18th century GWM. I mean, the Mollys had to be full of them! hehehe

Emmeline Cartwright said...

thanx for this great post. i always enjoy your hunks very much.
then i became intrigued with the genealogy of the hamiltons and browsed the peerage like mad. finally i stopped at lady charlotte campbell bury and now i am off to the library getting her works, especially the 'lady of fashion' and the 'diary of the times of George IV'


Elizabeth Kerri Mahon said...

He's actually quite handsome. I wonder if the current Duke of Hamilton and Brandon looks that good.

Wilhelmina Carlotta Johanna Grafin von Marquart said...

I love your site sooooooo much I have learned so much more about history aka more than in school, so I just wanted to let you know you have the best one out there :)

P.S. since you love the 1700's so much if you ever need images of clothing from the 1700's I have i think about a thousand maybe more that i have gotten over the years from either books or web sites, but if you do i'll email you my photobucket info, so you can enjoy them to, I figure thats the least i can do as you have brought me so much knowledge and joy with this awesome site :) Thanks again :)

Jessi P (AKA Emily Ryder) said...

See, if I'd seen this before reading The Sylph , I'd've fallen for him...but Lady Julia's cold rake of a husband has wised me up! Still a hunk, though!

Paul Miller said...

Fills out the vest AND breeches exceeding well. What a manly buck and I love the cut of the outfit, too.

Heather Carroll said...

@Emmeline, there's just so many of those Hamiltons it's a daunting task to keep track of them all!

@Wilhelmina, Thank you very much! You just made my day. If you don't mind sharing your pictures I would be more than happy to enjoy the spoils of them!

@Jessi, So Georgiana's message has already been heard loud and clear even in the beginning of the book!

@EKM @Paul, I haven't found a portrait of him I didn't like yet!

Wilhelmina Carlotta Johanna Grafin von Marquart said...

Ok Heather here are the links I have 2 photobuckt account as I have a love for antique fashion, my first one i filled up so I had to open another but here are the links, if you have any problems let me know.


Now the next link is a mix of fashions but i have some 1700's clothing in it, the reason its a mix is i thought i was only going to have a little bit of fashion uploaded well my little bit became thousands of images,so by 06 i got organized



Thats the last of the not organized albums.


This one i m always adding stuff to,so check it month from month, and if you want to use any of the images go ahead :) I m all about spreading the joy of lovely antique fashion,and the 1700's was just a great time for it :)

P.S. Let me know if it helped you,and hope you like them all :)

Wilhelmina Carlotta Johanna Grafin von Marquart said...

Oh looks like the last link did not post, so here it is.


Heather Carroll said...

Wow, thank you very much!

Tulip said...

I'll take him on, hubba hubba!

Wilhelmina Carlotta Johanna Grafin von Marquart said...

You are very welcome :)

katya said...